Question about armada contributions
Hey all, still trying to figure out how some of the awards work and I have run into a question. Currently it is requested to contribute to the Colony World of STO Academy via the armada tab, which I have been concentrating on. But, I have noticed that I do not yet get credit for what I contribute to the armada each morning like I do if I contribute to my own fleet. 
My question is: does the contributions I make to another fleet via the armada tab eventually get credited to me for the Prosperity awards? Or should I first focus on reaching my prosperity goals by contributing to my own fleet first?
Thanks Guys

We're only able to track the fleet credits you've earned in the fleet you are currently in. Technically they do get tracked in the other fleets you're contributing to.

For example, you're in STO Academy Omega and earned 100,000 fleet credits. You also contributed to STO Academy Militia and earned 50,000. Those credits don't get tracked in Omega, so in the roster it still shows as 100,000. If you switched to Militia and checked the roster you should see the 50,000 you earned from there.

Unfortunately I can only export the roster and track the data for who is currently in that fleet. So if you stayed in Omega you would have 100,000. What I also do is save this data and keep it updated. If you ended up switching to Militia, when I upload that roster export the 50,000 would also get saved and you'd have a total of 150,000 for the Unity Tier 1 & 2 and Ribbon for Dedication awards.

Keep in mind that the Order of the Federation/Empire is for a single fleet only. So it doesn't matter what fleet you're in, you have to earn 250,000 fleet credits within that fleet. Contributions outside of it won't count.

Hope this helps

Sure does, thanks Attilio!


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