Alienware Giveaway : Klingons!
  • Klingon Miracle Worker Bridge Officer (For Klingon Captains Only)
    • Claiming this promo will unlock this item to claim in the Bridge Officers Tab in the Personnel Tab of the Zen Store
  • T’Kuva Uniform
    • Unlocked for the account and only for Klingon Captains
    • The Uniform pieces will be available in the Tailor. This uniform is actually bundled with the Klingon Miracle Worker Bridge Officer but worth pointing out here
  • Klingon Species Unlock (For Federation Faction Only)
    • Unlocks the ability to make a Klingon Captain in the Standard Starfleet faction.
    • Once the main promo is claimed, this will create a second item in the Promotions tab just for this item. Once that is claimed, players should see the Klingon Species unlocked in the standard Starfleet faction in the character creator.
  • 12 Inventory Slots
    • Can be used by any captain and traded to anyone on the same account. Will immediately drop into the player's inventory after claiming this promo.
    • This promo will be found in the Promotions tab of the Zen Store and can be claimed by anyone but can only be used by the specified factions above.
Thank you for posting, as I hadn't seen that.

Still a good number of keys out there, and I was able to enter it ingame without and problems!

If you don't have ARC installed you can still claim your code, go here:

(I used the above website, and received an error after putting in the code, like a page couldn't be found, but then in game I was able to claim the items so I guess everything worked fine, except for where the webpage wanted to go after the successful redemption.....)

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain
Much the same as the other one :
Hi, unrealistically cool description. Thanks Happy
Star Trek Online Alliance Reborn MatHa Bundle | Alienware Arena
What's included: 
  • T6 MatHa Raptor

  • Elite Services Starter Pack
    • 36 Inventory Slots
    • 36 Bank Slots
    • 2 Bridge Officer Slots
    • 3 Captain Retrain Tokens
Page says "*Ship is unlocked for the account and is Klingon Faction only."
Not quite, since everyone can fly everything now, my Federation Romulan is now taking her new MatHa for a test flight...

(Also, once it's claimed from the promo tab by a character, all other characters on that account can claim it for free from the Shipyard, not the promo tab)
Another one :
Klingon Personnel Package
⦁ Klingon Miracle Worker Bridge Officer
⦁ T’Kuvma Uniform (from Star Trek: Discovery)
⦁ Klingon Species Unlock (allows Starfleet officers to create Klingon Captains)
⦁ 12 Inventory Slots
⦁ 12 Bank Slots
Star Trek Online Klingon Personnel Pack Key Giveaway - MMO Bomb
Star Trek Online: Free Terran Incursion Pack
(Note : This is for the Epic-launched STO only. AFAIK, it can't be linked to an Arc account)

This pack includes:
  • Terran Empire Sonic Phaser Stun Pistol

  • 1 Elite Services Starter Pack

  • 1 Small XP Boost
Star Trek Online: Free Terran Incursion Pack for Free - Epic Games Store
Alienware and Crucial are giving away Temporal Agent Starter Packs.

  • Constitution Light Cruiser (T1) 

  • Paladin Temporal Battlecruiser (T6) 

  • TOS Ripped Uniform 

  • Starfleet 0718 Model Android Officer 

  • Temporal Agent Title 
Star Trek Online: Reflections Temporal Agent Starter Pack Giveaway (
Star Trek Online: Reflections - Temporal Agent Starter Pack | Alienware Arena
I just came here to post about that. ; )

Only 32 keys left....

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain

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