Cryptic launcher Autoupdate problem
ChrisHerr Wrote:...........The engineers are still working on it....

And the tactical captains are shooting the servers!

I patched tonight but I didn't notice a problem, hope I'm not just a lucky one and that it's all sorted now
Not everyone is affected.

If you are and if you have a phone that you can tether to your PC, go alone with that. Log into the game then log out. Don't close the game, just log out. Remove your phone and connect to the internet normally. Then log into the game. That's how I was able to get in.

It's still annoying though.

It's fixed now.

Also, the patch didn't cause the problem. People couldn't get on even before the servers went down for the patch; and apparently Champion Online had the same problem.

Hm, was that Problem localised to the U.S.? Because, just like Monty, I had no problems at all.
I saw people posting from throughout the world that had this problem.

I had it also
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Honestly I believe it, especially since it happened long before the update. I tried logging in 2 hours before the server was supposed to go down and was having difficulty so I checked the forums and there was already a long thread about it. According to Brandon people were having problems 5 hours before the patch, the devs probably weren't in the office at that time lol.


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