STO Gateway
As some of you may know, STO has a site called the gateway ( which lets you access your character's information.

Cryptic has just added some basic fleet functionality to it. One thing which I feel is important is the Events tab ( We are now able to view events outside of the game.

I'll be sending out a fleet message about this on Monday (along with a message I'll be sending out the same day), but I just wanted to post it here to let people know ahead of time.

That's odd, I was just on it yesterday when I made the post. That's how I knew about the events being on there lol. Oh well, guess we have to wait a little longer.

After seeing this thread, I checked it out immediately. It worked, but suddenly the gateway was reported down for maintenance.
They must have taken it down again. This is still in Beta so that could be why.


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