Jem'Hadar Vanguard Carrier Exotic Plasma Build
Best Run:
CLR—Infected Space[2:28]— Dmg(DPS) —Tiffany 20,166,256(146,132) Odinson 10,269,100(69,386) Tela Shan  9,166,692(62,358) Shannon 2,689,685(18,809) Ashare 1,979,923(13,846)

i want to break 70k DPS

[Advanced Fleet Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [Acc] [Dmg]x3]

[Advanced Fleet Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [Acc] [Dmg]x3]

[Ferenginar Plasma Dual Cannons Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [Acc]x2 [Dmg]x2]

[Altamid Modified Kelvin Torpedo Mk XV [CrtD]x2 [CrtH] [Reload]]

[Solanae Deflector Array Mk XV [EPG] [Sh/HullCap]]

[Elite Fleet Efficient Impulse Engines Mk XV [Pow] [SecSpd-2] [Spd]x2 [Turn]]

[Elite Fleet Reinforced Warp Core Mk XV [ACap] [EWS] [Rep] [SSS] [WArrowA] [WArrowS]]

[Elite Fleet Channeling Resilient Shield Array Mk XV [Cap]x2 [Cp/Rg] [ResAll] [SciCD]]

[Heavy Bio-Molecular Plasma Turret Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [Dmg]x3 [Proc]]

[Kinetic Cutting Beam Mk XV [Ac/Dm] [Dmg]x4]

[Console - Universal - Swarmer Matrix]

[Console - Universal - Hydrodynamics Compensator Mk XV]

[Console - Universal - Linked Command Matrix]

[Console - Universal - Interphasic Instability]

[Console - Science - Restorative Particle Focuser Mk XV [EPG] [ShHP]]

[Console - Science - Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifier Mk XV [EPG]]

[Console - Science - Exotic Particle Focuser Mk XV [CtrlX] [EPG]]

[Console - Tactical - Chronometric Capacitor Mk XV]

[Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV [Plasma]]

[Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV [Plasma]]

[Console - Universal - Temporal Vortex Probe]

[Hangar - Elite Scorpion Fighters]

[Hangar - Elite Scorpion Fighters]

[Red Matter Capacitor]

****All items are Epic except the Torpedo, Pets, and Red Matter Capacitor****


Space Traits:
Astrophysicist, Conservation of Energy, Enlightened, Fleet Coordinator, Galvanized Munitions,Warp Theorist, Wing Commander, Projectile Training
Starship Traits:

Insult to Injury, Emergency Response Teams, Improved Gravity Well, Coordinated Assault, Arrest


Space Reputation Traits:

Particle Generator Amplifier (R2), Torpedo Prefire Sequence (R2), Magnified Firepower (R2), Controlled Countermeasures (R2), Auxiliary Power Configuration (R2)


Active Space Reputation:

Anti-Time Entaglement Singularity (R2), Quantum Singularity Manipulation (R2), Refracting Tetryon Cascade (R2), Deploy Sensor Interference Platform (R2)



LT Universal (Human): Emergency Power To Shields 1, Reverse shield Polarity 1

LtC Tactial (Human): Kemocite Laced Weaponry 1, Torpedo High Yield 2, Cannon Rapid Fire 2

Ensign Engineering (Human): Engineering Team 1

Com. Science (Human): Science Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Photonic Officer 2, Gravity Well 3

LtC Science/Intel (Hierarchy): Tractor Beam 1, Transfer Shield Strenth 2, Ionic Turbulance 2



Projectile Weapons Officer, Deflector Officer x3, Gravimetric Scientist


Captain Skills Training

Lt Sci: 
Advanced Shield Capacity 3, Advanced Shield Restoration 3,

Lt Tac:
Advanced Energy Training 3, Improved Projetile Weapons Training 2

LtC Sci:
Improved Control Expertise, Control Amplification, Drain Expertise

LtC Eng:
Impulse Ex[pertise

Com Sci:
Advanced Shield Regeneration, Advanced Shield Hardness

Com Eng:
Energized Hul Plating, Ablative Hull Plating,

Cpt Sci:
Advanced Exotic Particle Generator, Advanced Long Range Sensors,

Cpt Eng:
Auxiliary Subsystem Performance, Weapon System Performance

Adm Sci:
Advanced Scientific Readiness, Shield Absorption,

Adm Eng:
Warp Core Efficiency,

Adm Tac:
Defensive Coordination, Offensive Coordination, Tactical Readiness



Primary: Temporal Operative (maxed)

Secondary: Constable (maxed)

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You have a good build.

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