RPG proposal
Hello, everyone. I have an idea for a STO-based RPG campaign that could be fun for all fleet members looking for a more relaxed and evenly-paced way to intereact with other fleet members.
   The idea is to set up a Discord-based RPG group for text adventures (ye olde D&D deal) while at the same time using STO as a platform for more action-oriented missions. The basis for coordinating all this would be a forum dedicated to the campaign (take a look at the mockup I made at Star Trek IPF).
   Due the well-known limitations of STO as a true RPG platform (pine for the Foundry!), players would have to curb their expectations somehow, but I see this as a normal RPG via the internet, enhanced by the occasional STO multiplayer.
   If my fleet comrades prove to be interested in this project, I plan to form a separate, RP-exclusive fleet to integrate the Armada so players can have dedicated characters to the campaign.

   Thanks a lot, and I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

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