The Measure of Morality

It took me a bit to get to it, and while Part 1 of The Measure of Morality is an good episode pulling in some adventures from the past 10 years, the second part is fantastic!

I was taking more screenshots when I should have been shooting phaser blasts!

Certainly don't miss the episode.

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I totally agree with you.
"The Measure of Morality" is by far one of the best episodes I have played on STO for quite a long time. There are so many "WOW!" moments! I wished they'd give us more missions/adventures/episodes like these two parts.

I don't know if this is just my impression, but I think STO's "quality" has generally improved a bit. I was very happy about the revamp of the Borg-TFOs. We also got several patrols that are nice and fun to play. The newest TFO that deals with attacking the moon base and its fortifications is a blast too. It's nice to see this devolpment of things in my opinion.


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