Terrain and planet goofs
I think it'd be fun to have a picture post where we point out the goofy terrain and planet missions we sometimes find. For example, I present "Dogpoop Mountain"

And "Star planet"

I've seen the sun planet before, but El Crapitain seems cool
I don't have any funny pics that I can think of, but I just want to say you can fix those "sun" planets. Go into your Video settings (I think you need to click Advanced) and lower the bloom intensity slider.

Lowering bloom intensity helps get rid of the glowing glass and other supposedly transparent objects in game. Also anyone missing any textures on any of the older ships? (pre season-6 ships)
I tend to have my setting pretty low - playing on a 5 year old laptop that was built for processing photos rather than dynamic graphic of a warp core breach Sad

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