Tactical Odyssey Star Cruiser Tank Build Advice for my Engr Toon
Appreciate experienced tanking players advice!  New to tanking and trying to emulate Florian's Odyssey tank build as much as I can with Tac Cruiser vs Sci Cruiser.  Would like some advice on how it rates as an Engineering Tank and improvement suggestions. 

Currently surviving Borg ISE but not Vaadwaar Kortez Elite. DPS seems capped at ~ 65K.  Hoping to increase DPS but not suffer too much hit to survivability.  I favor surviving!

My Build Link
Recent Borg ISE PUG  (STO Combat parse details attached)
DPS ~65K, Hit Rate 99.5%, Crit Rate  25%, Total Damage In  4.7M

Power - Weapons 110/100, Shields 38/25, Eng 15/15, Aux 78/60  (using Nukara Offense Trait)

Duty Officers using 3 VR Damage Control Engineers - worth it for 1 Engr Bridge Officer (Emg Power to shields/weapons)?  Go for Florian's CrtD Duty Officer recommendation?

Like the protomatter infusion consoles & use of Rally Point Marker II for surviving

Using Very Cold in Space II for Lt Sci slot no Grav Well.   are Tyken's or Charged Particle Burst better Damage & Threat?

Currently trying Borg Regen Synergy instead of Brace for Impact.  Although not sure the Tac/Sci/Eng 5 sec is triggering that much. 

Thanks for any build advice tips!

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