[SPOILERS] Picard Season 1 Episode 3: The End is the Beginning
Hoo boy love this ep.  Lets break it down!
  • Gotta take off some credit from the writers room for naming a Vulcan "Oh" without suitable reason.  Like if her name was unpronounceable, i would get it, or if it was a nickname given by subordinates, but she INTRODUCES HERSELF as Oh, when there are PLENTY of good strong Vulcan names to choose from.  
  • This might be the last time we see Laris and Zhaban, and that gives me the big sad.
  • Love the idea of "Here's some food for the road, I went through a lot of trouble to- OH ELEMENTS THERES A FIREFIGHT"
  • Love how Zhaban and Laris go straight from loving caring roomies (get it, they're rommies, but they're also in a sense picard's roommates) to ass-kicking as soon as the first shot is fired. 
  • First look at the ship, I approve of the design, looking forward to seeing it more.
  • Looks like picard's big swordfight is next thursday/friday.  Mark your calendars.
  • The new uniform is cool and good and I need it.  That is all
  • Gotta love seeing Vasquez Rocks as ACTUAL VASQUEZ ROCKS instead of alien planet number 098371402
  • Soji might be getting close to the chopping block
  • Was her badge green there for a second while she was badgering Rhamda?
  • Love the idea of "Its not mythology, its the news"
  • When picard said Engage I think my heart melted a little.
  • Whats the problem with this EMH? Is he like black market and thats why he switches accents every time he shows up? Because I could totally get behind that as a character feature.  
  • I want to know more about the ibn Majid.  Sounds like an Intel ship idea if ever there was one.  
  • I feel like Raffi is going to change her mind eventually.
  • But LAAAARISSSS, I wanna see a Tal Shiar interrogation!
  • I'm really loving having all this holographic tech now that it actually makes sense for them to have it in the show's time period.
  • Was really hoping Laris and Zhaban would be like "obviously this place isn't safe, we should go with you"
  • Agnes just straight up murdered a guy and was like "and I oop"
  • I totally understand Picards "Give me my ships or take my resignation" then being surprised when they take your resignation move.  I may have done that in a few online groups, just a couple times.
  • Jesus, Narek, READ THE ROOM.  She's having a mental breakdown and he's like "I think I love you, let's bang!"
  • Next episode looks good and cool.
  • Solid work on the composing by Jeff Russo.  Gigantic swell as Picard says engage.
  • Also the look around the bridge after that is great: Jurati "Oh thats so cool" Rios "Aight lets fly" Raffi "Jesus JL, get a hold of yourself"
  • I need more sass from this show.  Like Jett Reno levels of sass.
  • Finally get to see Hugh, his eyes are VERY off-putting there at the start.
  • I need my Seven fix.  Where is she?
[Image: 9jilqcf.gif]
Well, given that Liberated Romulan Borg are presented as psychologically damaged goods due to their physiology, I guess I would have to rewrite the Bio of my main toon. But I refuse.  Tongue

Also, regarding Commodore Oh: Way to blow a cover. She's supposed to be Vulcan, right? Why would she need sun glasses? What happened to her inner eyelids? Or is this another writer's error?
She just wanted to look like she was throwing shade at the good Dr.

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain

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