[SPOILERS] Picard Season 1 Episode 2: Maps and Legends
Good episode, a lot to like
  • Maybe its just the catholic in me, but the love scene between Narek and Soji didn't do much for me.
  • Commodore Oh-reminds me of Oh from Home and also there was a star trek character in beta canon that was named Oh for a similar reason.
  • Love the worldbuilding we get w/r/t the "Romulan Free State"
  • THE RETURN OF THE VASQUEZ ROCKS.  Except now you can totally headcanon that they're shooting to imply that Raffi lives in the actual Vasquez on earth, rather than on an alien planet that just so happens to look like the Vasquez rocks (For those not in the know, these rocks have been used to portray Vulcan (The Voyage Home and 2009), Edren IV (TOS and STO), Veridian III (Generations), and as various planets in TOS, DS9, TNG, VOY, and ENT)
  • I need to know what could have pissed Raffi off so much that she'd greet picard with a phaser.  I've only heard summaries of the first two Picard: Countdown comics, and i'm guessing that the third one will tell all.  Or maybe the new book by Dr Una McCormak.
  • Doctor from the stargazer? I think Carter Greyhorse just got overwritten.  Or maybe they served at different times.  Or the stargazer had multiple doctors.
  • Syndrome, this is when we learn about Irumodic Syndrome like from All Good Things.
  • As a trek novel reader, it feels SO GOOD seeing Kirsten Beyer's name in the opening credits of a star trek series.  I think i said that for episode 1, as well, but it bears repeating.  
  • I want to know the backstory between Picard and Admiral Clancy.  She has that real Phillipa Louvois vibe of "I hate you right now, but I secretly want the best for you"
  • Really curious to know more about the Zhat Vash, which I imagine will become a central plot point of this season.
  • WE FINALLY SEE PICARD-ERA SHIPS.  Now taking bets on how long it'll be before they show up in an infinity promotion box.  
  • very good on the production team's part coming up with a good reason NOT to involve riker, worf, et al.
  • Zhaban mentioned La Forge, which leads me to believe he did NOT in fact die during the attack on Utopia Planitia, which makes me happy.
Overall, solid second episode.  8/10
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I saw a video, that speculates that Clancy is actually the same Clancy that served on the Enterprise-D in 2365.
I thought it was a very strong second episode!

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain

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