10th Anniversary Klingon/Federation Ship
Good day Captains,

  I was excited to see the 10th Anniversary ship, as it looks pretty sweet-


  The design seems pretty neat with a mix of Federation and Klingon styles.  (I'll be curious what we can customize....)

I've started the yearly grind and have the first two days completed out of the 20 I need.   Still 28 days to go in the event, so you can certainly join in even if you haven't started yet.  (You still have time to start and then take a week off!)

PS:>  The 10 year anniversary popper that has all the previous anniversary popper effects is pretty sweet-

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain
Greetings Captains,

  I earned the ship today and while I haven't been able to think about any good builds yet to improve it, it doesn't disappoint!


Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain
Hey there! Smile

The "Khitomer" is a great ship - especially when using Antiproton weapons due to its special console. 
What is more I think this vessel is a beauty and one of the prettiest ships you can command. I like the mixture of Klingon and Federation design. Fun fact: the ship's name is written in Latin letters on one side of the saucer and in Klingon letters on the other.

Personally I play the Khitomer offensively using the following bridge officers:

Commander Engineering
  • Emergency Power to Shields I
  • Emergency Power to Weapons II
  • Directed Energy Modulation II
  • Auxiliary to Battery III
Lt. Commander Science
  • Science Team I
  • Hazard Emitters II
  • Gravity Well I
Lt. Commander Tactical
  • Tactical Team I
  • Torpedo: Spread II
  • Beam Array: Fire at Will III
Lieutenant Universal (Tactical)
  • Tactical Team I
  • Attack Pattern: Beta I
Ensign Universal (Engineering)
  • Engineering Team I

I don't know if this is the best setup, but I'm having lots of fun with it.

See you around! Smile
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The exterior looks of the Khitomer are awesome, but I'm sad that Cryptic missed the change to give the Hybridship an awesome interior as well. Well, by now I should be used to that...
Got the ship... some work required.


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