[SPOILERS] Picard Season 1 Episode 1: Remembrance
How ya doin, STO Academy, its ya boi, Vice Admiral coolkirk, back at it again with another season of reviews of new trek.  Let's just JUMP into it.
  • Like most modern trek, they show most of the scenes from the trailers and other leaks almost right away, which i can understand since they don't want to give away anything important
  • CGI Enterprise D is beautiful, as always
  • "Because it was no longer starfleet" This hit super hard for me, I've left more than my share of online groups when they fail to adhere to their principles
  • On the other hand I totally understand Starfleet's decision to stop the rescue after TEN THOUSAND SHIPS got destroyed by the attack on Mars
  • "Mars is on fire to this day" DAAAAAAAAMMMN.  What does that mean for Lil and Kima from the short trek? Did they get off in time, or was the fire more of an instant nuke over the whole planet
  • Name check of Bruce Maddox is very much appreciated.  Maybe we'll see him?  The actor has been active as recently as 2014 and I haven't found any obituaries, so its a possibility.
  • New romulan ships TOTALLY coming to STO, its not even a question at this point
  • Keep wondering if Lal will enter into this "data's daughter" consideration.  
Overall, strong start to a season of trek, looking forward to seeing more next week.
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I thought it was a solid episode-

The girls from the Short trek were on earth, but their parents working on Mars probably didn't make it. : /

I'm a little confused on how Maddox would have seen the painting to be able to create the girls' faces. I think there is more there that will be uncovered.

Speaking of androids, where is Lore in all of this? Seems like he was deactivated long ago. Wonder where those parts ended up-

Upon realizing Lore's malign nature, Data fired upon and deactivated Lore, whose last words were "I... love you... brother." Lore was subsequently dismantled--and the emotion chip, though damaged, was removed and returned to its rightful owner. (TNG: "Descent, Part II")

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Picard speaking french but continously mispronouncing his own name is something that I will never get used to.

Also, now it is the romulan Star that went Nova and not Hobus?
I think they are just generalizing things by describing it as the Romulan Star.

If they had to go into the Hobus Supernova, how the mass it encountered converted into energy and increased it's power, and how the subspace shockwave, or whatever it was that made it affect more that one solar system in that region of space, most people's eyes would roll back into their heads.....

I think the change from 'Picard' is that in STO and the 'Star Trek: Countdown' before the Star Trek 2009 movie, Data's neural nets were successfully imprinted onto B-4's existing programming after the upload in Nemesis, and was Data was Captain of the Enterprise.   (And talked to Shon in STO before Shon took over as captain of the Enterprise-F.)

But in Picard, they stated that Data's matrix didn't take root in B4....

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All those are correct.  As for Lore, in beta canon his container self destructed when the Enterprise D crashed on Veridian III
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I only saw the first episode and I did enjoy it.  From the description of the other episodes it sounds very interesting. 

I like that they incorporated a bit of sto into it.  I don't think STO needs to go all canon but it is interesting to see if they incorporate the Picard lore into the game.

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