My Next Mission
First off, I've decided to combine all the Price of Science episodes into one mission and finally finish it up. I was taking too long creating each episode so I'm just putting them together.

I also started working on a new mission which I hope everyone will like. Just a small glimpse into it: you will have to stop a plot that could destroy the Federation. This mission will take you from system to system throughout the known galaxy. This means that you will have to exit the system, travel through sector space, and enter another system. When I have more info that I would like to share I'll post it up.

sounds like a good idea. i am just starting to learn how the foundry works. but i feel i need some help from a person unless i can get a more sophisticated webpage that can help me in every situation. know anyone that could help me?
I am not exactly an authority on creating Foundry content, but I am trying a project of my own. I got most of my support through the STO website. They have links to YouTube videos with instructions on how to create different aspects of the mission. Try looking at the STO Wiki site as well, they get a little more in-depth with the basics. That, of course, is in addition to Attilio, but he's a busy man.

Hope that helped.
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