Science Intel Bundle up for grabs!
I won a Star Trek Online Awakening Science Intel Bundle last week, hurrah!

The Intel Science Bundle contains the Klingon Balth Intel Science Vessel and the Somerville Intel Science Vessel, which was lifted from the pages of the Star Trek comics.

I'm not playing STO very much at the moment so thought I might give away the key to one of you lovely vaguely-humanoid lifeforms. If you're interested, make a vaguely interested noise in this thread and in a week or two I'll roll some dice and choose a winner.
(Hey boss, any chance of mentioning this in-game via newsletter to reach the people who don't check the forum very often?)
*making noise* Gimme that magical klingon Bus. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. *stoping to make noise*
*Makes raptor noise and runs into the room*

Good luck everyone.
(11-09-2019, 12:08 PM)Glebben Wrote: and in a week or two I'll roll some dice and choose a winner.
So, have the dice been cast yet? Wink
Alea iacta est!
Or, more accurately, a coin has been flipped since this thread was so flooded with entries!

And the winner is :
...and not just because raptors are dangerous. The coin has spoken. Will PM the code over.
Great news to get on my first log in since joining ship!


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