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Hey all,
I am linking my current build for all of the verteran players to help me.  It is a decent build but I am working on making it better. I currently get between 8 and 10k DPS.  I want to keep the Polaron weapons since I have invested so much in them and the tactical consoles.  My goal is to get up to about 50k.  At that point I feel that I can be a good contributor to elite missions.  Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a bunch

You have a good build and I would say 10kdps is not too bad. I would advise doing a thorough search online and a good starting point is the DPS Leauge

First thing I would do is perhaps get the correct duty officers - you need two/three that reduce cooldown time when using emergency power to weapons. If this is your main character and you really want to get the best DPS then poleron is not the best weapon of choice (neither are beams). Best DPS combos are with Cannons and Disruptors/AP/Phasers and for Romulans Plasma. Saying that I really prefer beam boats but I would consider better weapon type.

First thing that really will help unless you are going for a science build/attack you can get rid of exotic particles enhancements they really only boost science attacks (i think - I know its to do with science so I stay clear from itTongue) I would also drop the improvements to projectiles as you currently do not have any slotted (that might change if you change weapon type - disruptors have some excellent torps)

Try to get more readiness on science and eng and really try and get Warp Core Potential. Improved Warp Core Potential. Warp Core Efficiency as they will help DPS. Also, I would drop the drain abilities as you BOffs are not using it and again it's a sci ability so you do not really need it.

I would look at Captain lvl Engineering traits particularly Auxiliary Subsystem Performance (if your aux runs low - more of an aux to bat problem) and Offensive Subsystem Tuning Weapon Subsystem Performance.

The weapons I can not advise in regards to Poleron - I usually go for disruptors.

I would advise reviewing your other ship gear for Elite Fleet Channeling Space ShieldsElite Fleet Protomatter Deflector Arrays, and then a rep Impulse Engine and warp core I advise Competitive Wargames rep - prevailing is very good.

There are a large number of consoles for DPS or even improved survivability that I suggest you do a thorough web search on or ask in-game channel that will help for science eng slots. Your tac slots are perfect Smile

Then there are keybinds, correct star traits (best ones comes from some expensive ships), special duty officers, advanced flying and some ships all help your DPS. 

I hope you find this useful and I know there is a lot here to look at and I am not saying your build is bad but if you want to get your DPS up then there is a lot of work to make that happen it will not happen overnight. start off with the easy less expensive stuff. Duty officers, traits then work on colony shields/deflector and rep warp/engine. Leave the weapons for now but it is something to consider along with consoles.

All the best
Thank you so much for the info.  I eventually plan to go with Phasers.  I like the beams or maybe dual beams.  Cannons require to much face time and I like to fight more broad side so I can circle the enemy or fly erratically around them.  I'll look into the Duty Officers and ship gear.  This is part of the reason I wanted some extra eyes on the build.

Also,  which versian of warp core and impulse engine is best?  Innervated, Bolstered, Fortified.
I would look over the stats of either inverted and fortified both are good -I went with fortified in the end - but I seem to think I have used inverted on my alts. Phasers have good options they also have the sensor Linked lockbox ones which really are very good (I have the disruptor versions), but expensive. I also seem to think there might be some good mission rewards for phasers and of course, there are some rep versions - no idea how good they are you need someone who does phaser builds. I also prefer beams so I know what you mean - I did try a cannon build but I found it hard to keep inline.
Do not go for dual beam they are not worth the cost in flexibility - beam arrays (with the correct stats/mods) are better.
OK.  So I took your advice and switched to Phasers.  Here is my current ship build and it is able to get between 16K and 20K DPS depending on skill timings.  Aside from upgrading to Epic, which I'm working on with some MK II beams arrays, is there anything else I really need to get.  I'm working towards the Competitive Rep gear you recommended.
Congratulations Smile

Well, you have done what I would do with the weapons - you can always upgrade them (but not to epic). SL are very expensive. Though there are the mission weapons - I know there are some that are reported good Also remember the Omni-directional Phasers. Also, you can easily craft and upgrade mark II Pen phasers (remaining mods do not matter as they can be re-engineered.

Keybindings will help with consistency in hitting the correct keys (set up is a bit of a pain) - Have a look at the League website - I seem to think they have good info on that as well as a link to STO Keybinds software that does it for you Smile.

I really would drop beam overload it is not that effective. The best BOFF spells for tact are: FAW (even though it is snuffed), Tactical Team, Kemocite-Laced Weaponry (level 1 only), Torpedo: Spread (if applicable). Beta attack pattern, Delta Attack pattern at the higher levels are good though I personally try and have one FAW at a higher level as well.

The rest is working on traits, consoles and Doffs. Console wise I try to boost Power transfer, Crit chance and crit severity as my own focuses or use sets that also boost damage (eg House of Martok for Disruptors).

Good work Smile

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