My new T6 ship build
Hi All, will appreciate some help with my T6 tactical escort ship.
Will appreciate some ideas on my build. 
I am not good with escort style Cannon ships but if you are keeping those weapons, for now, I would change the mods for DMG. Over a longer period, I would look to getting better weapons such as the SL Phasers, I am not sure but there might be some good mission Phasers as well. Also, have you thought about what duty officers you are going to have - I tend to focus this on the type of energy loop I use either bat2aux or EmpWep style both have their advantages and drawbacks. That will help you decide on what duty officers to slo and what special abilities to slot for your engineering boff
This is an updated build for my ship, will appreciate some feedback on it.
Well, alright! Your build is PERFECT!

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