Tactical escort retrofit T5 Vs T6
Hi all, 
is it better to get a T6 or stay with my T5-U but instead upgrade all weapons and equipments as high as possible?
T6 would be better, but nothing wrong with the T5U if you already have it.

i already have the T5U, so better to invest money in better build and weapons. my build is somehow old (rare items), will try to get higher quality to put on the ship. 

The big difference between T6 and T5U is really the Ship Trait, there might be a few slight differences in stats but that is realy what you miss out on. So in itself its not always worth to upgrade to the T6 version unless you really need that particular trait. Before getting any T6 ships its worth looking at their traits and if they will be useful to your build before buying any ship.
in case i will be keeping my T5U, do i start upgrading ship equipment first (shield, enginess etcc), or weapons?
i have some EC that i can use but dont think they are enough for full upgrade.
It's an escort so maybe start with shields, deflector, engines, etc. to boost your defenses a bit. Although a good defense is a good offense so you can start with weapons too. Either way is fine.

Thank you for the hints. will start working on them.

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