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Now, I do try to be a good Fleet member, and not use Ad-Block on our website, however in the last week or so the Ad placement has jumped, and I now regularly find an advert covering the top banner, as soon in the attached screen-grab. Frustratingly the small cross in the top corner is not always accessible to get rid of the advert either.

Not knowing much about website design, I don't know if this is an intended result, or if it's a bug on either our, or the Ad companies end.


Well, I am rather new in here, and I am also trying to browse it without the adblock, and I am getting the same issue actually! Just as you said, I have no idea about website design, and I do not know how should it be, however I do not think that the Ad placement has to be on that place, I mean on the top of the page, that is just not practical, and it looks really bad. I do think that you guys have to learn more about web design and search engine optimization, that is for sure, as your website is really low in the google search. There is a great article about building backlinks on quora and reddit, a very great article actually, I have used that method for my own website, and I have to tell you that it is the most effective way on improving your seo, I recommend you to try it as well.

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