Items from Risa
I was wondering besides the ship if there was really anything worth getting from the Summer Risa Event. The reason I ask is during the Winter Event I got some skills and later found out that they weren't really all that effective. So I thought I check and see what I should try to purchase. Thank you in advance.
THen only things I have ever bothered with is the floater (which helps with the daily ship grind). You could get the powerboard as well it can be used on the Colony Base but other than that that it's not much use. The only thing I bother with in the winter one is getting the snow boots Smile
Do you know if any of the skills or modules are worth getting?
Not to my knowledge - but I have not really looked over them - I just go for the ship on Risa Tongue
The ship is what I will get and if I hear of any other items worth picking up I will pass them along. Thank you.
There are half a dozen Duty Officers you can get from the top floor of the building on the eastern side of the bridge where the powerboard races start from; they may be of use to some builds.

One Rare and Very Rare version each of:
Conn Officer -  small power boost after exiting evasive maneuvers,
Entertainer -  temporary dodge bonus for anyone who dances under your subspace party amplifier,
Geologist -  chance to root foes caught in exothermic induction field.

While I find it ammusing that they acctually gave the subspace party amplifiers a legitimate use, it's the Geologist Doff that would be of most interest to me as a sci officer with the exothermic induction field kit module.

The only issue with these is that (for the VR tier at least) you need to have completed the Master Relaxer accolade and my instance has bugged so that Pavyl doesn't spawn for the hide and seek part of that accolade. I've tried submitting a ticket about it but had no response and also still no Pavyl.


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