Transporter Malfunction
Live Long and Prosper Hello all; I'm new to this community and this is my first post in the forums'
I was wondering if some of you would take the time to give me a few reasons why the crew of a starship would not be able to use the transporter, and have to resort to using a shuttle craft instead.
Thanks much

2 come to mind instantly -
Being Reg Barclay

I'm sure a little more digging will bring more reasons Smile

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There's the ion storm in Nemesis...
And transport inhibitors
Have you heard of the Way of The Warrior in DS9?
That's why Fludicus has a tendency to board ships the old fashioned way....

Malfunctioning system components, like
  • Biofilters
  • Emitter Array
  • Gravitational Compensator
  • Heisenberg Compensator
  • Molecular Imaging Scanner
  • Pattern Buffer
  • Phase Transition Coil

Here's also a list of known Transporter accidents that may serve as a reason not to use the Transporter.

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