Upcoming Fleet Bank Changes
We asked all of you how you've used the fleet bank in the past and it provided a good insight for us. Based on your feedback we're making some changes.

A lot of the useless items will be sold for EC and deposited back into the fleet bank. We'll then setup the following bank tabs:
  • Three tabs dedicated to very rare or stronger space & ground weapons.
  • Three tabs dedicated to training manuals
  • One tab dedicated to Superior Upgrades
  • One tab dedicated to prizes for the Admiralty to use in giveaways

Once that's done, we'll need your help! Anyone who is able to, please craft, buy, and donate items to the bank. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a little extra should do our part to help the fleet as a whole. By putting these items into the bank, we can help members who don't have the same resources we have. That's what the STO Academy is all about.

After we're in this new setup feel free to provide any feedback. We'll tweak the banks and rules as needed.

Hey Atillo, long time!
I'm been back in game for a few weeks now. Is there are feedback on specific items and such that players need? I'm having a bit of a clear out and have some stuff that might be of use.
Hey! Welcome back. Nothing specific. Just a variety of weapons, training manuals, and superior upgrades. That's all that we'll be putting in the banks.


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