Star Trek Picard....
Paramount/CBS just destroyed STO's Path to 2409...


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(05-23-2019, 08:13 PM)James Wrote: How?

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 Picard retired as captain and became ambassador by the time of the Hobus supernova in the STO/countdown timelines... he was never admiral.

Damn it, CBS. Stop getting me hyped for things so far in advance! Angry

I'm kinda glad they aren't trying to follow Path to 2409, though. There's some great stuff in there, but story elements that are a good idea for an MMO played by Trek nerds aren't necessarily going to be good story elements for a TV show. Romulans are a prime example: a lot of STO's story is about setting up the Romulan Republic as a third faction, but if CBS wants to have some 2019 political relevance, they may well want/need a completely different situation for the Romulans.

If it's any consolation, Path to 2409 doesn't match the books either, so we're all equally irked?
Eh I'd rather have the Picard series than the path to 2409 lol


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