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Paramount/CBS just destroyed STO's Path to 2409...


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(05-23-2019, 08:13 PM)James Wrote: How?

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 Picard retired as captain and became ambassador by the time of the Hobus supernova in the STO/countdown timelines... he was never admiral.

Damn it, CBS. Stop getting me hyped for things so far in advance! Angry

I'm kinda glad they aren't trying to follow Path to 2409, though. There's some great stuff in there, but story elements that are a good idea for an MMO played by Trek nerds aren't necessarily going to be good story elements for a TV show. Romulans are a prime example: a lot of STO's story is about setting up the Romulan Republic as a third faction, but if CBS wants to have some 2019 political relevance, they may well want/need a completely different situation for the Romulans.

If it's any consolation, Path to 2409 doesn't match the books either, so we're all equally irked?
Eh I'd rather have the Picard series than the path to 2409 lol

(05-23-2019, 08:08 PM)codius1988 Wrote: Paramount/CBS just destroyed STO's Path to 2409...
Sorry for being a little late on my response since this was one of the 4000+posts while i was on hiatus, BUT I really don't think it's going to be as bad as it sounded back in May now that some solid details are coming out from SDCC and STLV. First thing, Paramount's part in the show is going to be negligible at best since they don't really own the IP rights to the TV Series content, just the movies- so if anything the extent of their involvement could be whether we see any of the ships that only appeared on the big screen, like the Sovereign Class. Just like how it took waiting till just before the 3rd movie for STO to get permission to use the original JJ-prise.

 The Path to 2409 isn't exactly valued as much as the actual gameplay anyways, unless of course you're big on doing the accolade hunting that those chapters are found in. And even then, you'd still have the possibility of the PADD data not always having been 100% correct on every sentence, nevermind anything that was specifically omitted or changed for political or security reasons (easiest way to retcon it). They would be just like the Merriam-Webster textbooks each generation has in school: always changing and never set in stone. What we had in school is now often very different to what our children or our children's children are studying in history class! There's always going to be literature that's not exactly how it really was when speaking about the facts.

One thing to note is that the writers DID talk directly at length with the devs of STO to help them establish a basis for what's happened between Nemesis and 2409, so we do have that going for us and shows that CBS does recognize the job that Cryptic has done keeping the flame lit all these years...

Now onto the more pressing issues: the changes with Data lore Wink , and the Borg's involvement pre-2409:

The most popular theory is that what we are getting with Data is in a way a rehashing of what happened with Spock between TWOK and TS4S, only also with a side of sentient holodeck action by using a backed-up matrix (that was stored during the attempts to upgrade B-4) to run a virtual version of him, most likely a copy saved for personal use onto a mobile storage device ala Moriarty's "shuttlecraft to the Galaxy" so Picard can consult with him in a Jiminy Cricket/Obi-wan kind of way, hence the "I can see that, CAPTAIN" line at the end of the trailer. Just because Brent slipped out in an interview that "it's B4 in the drawer," that still doesn't mean that he is also where Data ends up for good... until more is revealed before or during the show, it is quite possible that the events written in Path could still be accurate but just missing some Data Tongue such as despite the Soong Foundation having been successful in 2385 to unlock the Data-matrix and allowing his persona to fully take over B-4's more primitive programming, the upgrades they did to the positronic brain did not last long term, with cascade failures of the upgraded circuitry (similar to Lal's problems and/or the emotion chip overloads/seizures from Generations) manifesting in the 2390s during the time that STP takes place that would require occasional overhauls. That would explain why Data is temporarily disembodied for this first season that's been speculated to take place in 2399. "He won't be in every episode, just a few." 

This would also keep alive the possibility of recycling Lore afterall too... or maybe even one of the other brothers that Noonian built before he built the Juliana L.M.D. If they do go that route, it would make for an interesting episode if their efforts to reformat Lore into Data's next body appears to work at first but then a resurgence starts to happen and it's up to Picard and an "old friend" to help him stay with us (making for a perfect reason to see Geordi again!)  His temporarily disembodied downtimes as a hologram could also allow for an opportunity to use the Doctor's mobile emitter... specially authorized by a certain coffee-craving Admiral Wink

ok it's getting late here so part 2 will be about the Borg... which is going to have a bit more direct involvement with the episodes we have on STO...

EDIT: totally forgot it was STLV this weekend, so I'm going to see if there's any relevant new details to come out before I post...
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