Space Sets
I know that this is likely to be a massive can of worms, but which space set is best? I'm tier 5 with both factions. I liked the old Honour Guard set but the new seems to have a less tasty shield.

What are people leaning towards and why?

Edit - I basically want the old HG set or better. But the deflectorwas so perfect
I'm sticking to the pre-Season 7 Borg Set. It works pretty well for me. I thought about getting the Mk XII Set, but in my opinion there difference is not enough to justify it.
It's okay, panic over - I've found the other 2 parts of the XII set where I already have the shields. It'll cost me 2,000 OMs, though.

On a related note, anyone up for an STF?
Well I had the MACO XII shield already, so I picked up the deflector and engine. It seems to be working pretty well. I am looking into getting the Borg XII set or the Remen set, not sure yet leaning towards the Borg set.

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