Discovery rep
Thanks appreciate the heads up - I did not realise that cube and gateway were classed as a dreadnoughts. I try to avoid the voth undine sphere stuff I really hate the set up on that battle zone - groans everytime i get KILL VOTH! - It needs a massive overhaul
Call me odd, but I quite like it the Voth ground area... If I get ground Voth, I grab the area missions and earn loads of Dil at the same time!

A little bummed out that Defense of Starbase One is switching over to just the Discovery (and Fleet) Marks. Not surprising, but I'm going to miss being able to snag my daily marks from such a simple/easy TFO.
I agree. Some marks are a pain to get. Wish they would leave the "choice of marks" queues alone.
For me the easiest way to get marks is to a Random TFO, as you get a choice pack on top of the standard TFO reward

That may be a faster / more efficient way of doing things, but it doesn't really give you the option to avoid TFOs that you're not comfortable with, or have problems with. There are some TFOs I just don't like/enjoy, and there are some that have accessibility issues for me and my medical shenanigans. It might take longer, but being able to play the TFOs I want to play, and then fill in the blanks with a choice of marks TFO, is much less problematic than rolling the dice on random, and having to back out and suffer the lock-out penalties if it's a TFO I can't play.

Choice of marks TFOs gave a smidge of extra flexibility, and it's a shame to lose that.

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