Star trek Online 3 year Anniversary
Well, after having tested both the Ambassador and the Karamag, I must say I'm pleasantly surprised and amazed. Those two Cruisers became instantly my favorite Cruisers. Taking the Ambassador with a Mk XI Borg Set and the Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher into a STF proved amazingly affected. Then I did the same with the Karamag and an Aegis Set and it was even better. The Turn Rate of the Karamag is so awesome, it feels like it can turn on the Spot. I was like "WTF?!?! Awesome!!!" the whole time.

Those free Ships turned out to be just great. Thank you, Cryptic, and Happy Anniversary.
Yep, the general conclusions seem to be that the Kamarag is very good, and that the Ambassador is good (not fleet good or lockbox good, but still good).

SeedyGeorge Wrote:.........not fleet good or lockbox good, but still good).

Do a little easy mission good!
Exactly! Interesting bridge layouts too.

ChrisHerr Wrote:I guess they decided that instead of releasing the ships to the C-Store, as they did for the Odyssey after the second anniversary event, they are releasing them to the Fleet shipyard for 5 modules (2500 Zen). [Seems a bit steep since you don't get a console or special ability, etc.]

I sincerely hope, that you have only to pay one Fleet Ship Module, if you already have the Retrofit version. Otherwise it's NOT worth spending 2500 ZEN. Well at least in my opinion.
They've changed the price back down to 4 FM's - apparently 5 was a mistake.

ChrisHerr Wrote:Well,

Even at 4 modules, I am not sure there is $20 worth of improvement over the free version. ; )

But, it is nice to have the universal BOFF option-
Slightly improved Hull and Shields and a universal Lt. BOFF Slots? Yeah, that would be nice! But 2,000 ZEN? No, that's not worth it to me. If they would continue with their practice to reduce the FSM Count to 1, if you already have the Retrofit version, I'd do it.
But let's take a look at the facts here. The Retrofit Version was free, so I can understand Cryptic from an economical point of view. Anyway, I'm saving those 2,000 ZEN for my future Bortasqu' Ship Pack. Smile
Or even just make them 200k FMs like some of the other ships
I'd pay 1 FSM for them, sure. I can't see them getting much in the way of sales for these guys. Limited costume options as well.


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