Khopesh + Qugh builds
First build here will be the main overall build I have planned for my KDF Romulan I'm currently as of posting this, levelling.
Khopesh build:
Main goal was to be a Disruptor Beam build however I've switched it to Dual Cannons mostly besides from the rear weapons and the energy torp up front along with the two beams on the rear weapons for set bonuses.

Second build here is basically a Qugh Battlecruiser build, however as skillplanner has not got the universal console slot on it or the fleet variant, the notes do say to add an additional vulnerability locator.

Qugh Battlecruiser Build:
The idea behind the Qugh was to use non-lobi/non-reputation gear as a build to use while grinding up the reputations for their gear sets. The Qugh build uses mission set rewards, i.e the Entoiled Disruptor set from echoes of light for the 3 piece damage boost to disruptor. Also runs anything I have/can easily get.
Opinions and suggestions for both builds are welcome.

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