Academy of Neverwinter: Undermountain (Module 16) is live!

The largest Neverwinter expansion yet has launched, and the servers are up.

This is a good video to describe the different layers of the Undermountain!

We can post tips here in this thread.   Certainly starting the Undermountain adventure behind Sargent Knox and getting the free gear with enchantments (to compare against your current gear) will be the best way to get started leveling from 70 to 80!

Let me know if you have other questions either in Neverwinter, or in STO, and I'll see you online.

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not bad, i think i will be starting a new character in the new mod 16 and experiment with it .
I've been playing with my Alt to test things out before diving in with my main, and the new gear looks pretty sharp- (Stat wise it is the same 'good' gear you get when starting Barovia.)


(Actually, I wonder if Jarlaxle had a hand designing it because of that hat!)

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Well, being new to the game in general, i dont think i will feel major differences like you , but being playing similar games it is not that hard for me. My new character in mod 16 is a paladin. will see how it will be going and i might stick with it as my main. 
How do i get the new gear?
I am also investing into the VIP system, i hope by the end of this month, i will be VIP 3 but what i find strange is that buying or selling Zen in the game is blocked for me for couple of days (Dont know why)
Now that i understand somehow how to create health potions, i am making lot and sell them for gold hahahaha but what sucks is that i have to go to workshop to get material from box.
What do you think i should select for a companion with my paladin?
>How do i get the new gear?

If your character is level 70, you should see a quest (on a scroll) on the table behind Sargent Knox in Protector's Enclave.
That will take you to the Moonstone Mask for a political discussion with Neverember and other concerned noble rulers you have encountered from the Neverwinter game, and some from Forgotten Realms lore.
Assuming you accept the dangerous mission to go investigate, Neverember points you to a chest of equipment with enchantments.
It's the same gear (stats) that was given out in Barovia, but with Undermountain names and a different look. (Improved I would say!)

Running that starting missions in Undermountain, they have already started to reward green gear that is higher level (71 thus far) that has a higher item score so you can slowly replace that gear.

I'm torn about paying to remove enchantments intact, and moving them to the new gear, if they are going to keep giving us new gear over the next 10 levels. The content is challenging enough that I think we might need the edge.
If you are rocking the healing potion creation through Alchemy, then it would probably be a good use of those growing funds.

(As for Paladin companions, while I haven't run one, I have heard that Con Artist and Sellsword are great to start with, and you can get them both for 2 gold.)

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Don't forget to make use of the Antiquities Scholar in Protector's Enclave (up by the rewards vendor) as she can exchange enchantments and runestones for you. [Though they will be bound to account afterwards, so take care if you plan to auction something later.]

Thinking about that her ability to do swaps, I made sure that both of my characters had a full set of one of each of the Utility Enchantments (Tamora's Lucky Enchantment, Dragon's Horde Enchantment, and Quartermaster's Enchantment.)
Even Bound to me, I want to have the option to use them, and being able to trade a radiant, etc, to get them is great to complete the set for the Utility slots in my gear.

Also of note, I have a Fire and a Lightning Weapon Enchantment, and I am thinking that it would be good to trade one (fire probably) for a Vorpal Enchantment at the same level. Even bound to account, it would be great to have that.

Don't wait too long to think about it, I think she might only be here for a month for conversion before leaving Protector's Enclave, I'm not sure.

Chris / Rhett

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Do i need to be lvl 70+ to do that?
I presume not,
Go up and chat with her. ; )


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I'm still making my way through Undermountain, but I saw a great description of what you can expect to do when you are done!

How do you start doing Master Expeditions?

By FolsgaardSE

Its the last thing in the Undermountain Campaign. Once you finish it you can do 3 ME's a day.

The flow of Undermountain end-game goes like this.

Finish the campaign, that unlocks Master Expedition dailies as well as a quest to unlock Resonance. Both quests are on the top back/left side of the Yawning Portal.

Once you do the resonance quest, basically when you're not doing your 3 daily ME's (Master Expeditions) you will do heroic encounters in any of the Undermountain zones. Kinda like demons in older zones.

Resonance drops into (believe money pouch?) doesnt really matter as you don't really touch them. Anyway, The resonance you can use to create crystals, these crystals are basically something you add to change the flow of how easy/hard the ME's are and the item/gear drops.

More detail: Know when you first go into even a leveling encounter there is a small cave room. To the right are small stairs leading to 3 stone slabs. IF you are the group leader of the ME, you can click on the first one. This will allow you to convert your resonance, into crystals.. Then you can click on each of the 3 stone slabs to add 1 to 3 crystals. Each crystal type does something different, like Chaos makes it really hard and the more crystals you add increases it.

Confused yet? Once you do it, its not so bad. If you did Barovia, think of resonance as a "card drop" and a crystal is the actual card you add to the "hunt". Stronger or higher cards made hunts give better drops. Same with crystals in Master Expeditions.

Personally I like to do 3 crystal ME's as you get a purple on almost every boss. But you only need 1 crystal to open the final chest. So people tend to form that kind of group to quickly grind their dailies.

BTW and this is a pet peeve of mine. Seems EVERYONE calls them "1 rune runs" or "how many runes do you want added" They are crystals! lol Runes are what you get from the final chest and they are called "runed etchings" these can be used to level artifact gear, but most people use them to buy keyless lootboxes from Zox. He's under the left stairs in Yawning Portal.

I love zox boxes Smile they give gold and AD and a chance at a high level gear piece and vanity pets Smile I'm up to 4 vanity pets from undermountain and even had a ilvl 1k headpeace that gives 2k power against bosses.

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