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I just started playing STO. I am in need of a PvE tank build advice. I would like to know what race, traits as well as where i should spend my initial 33,000 skill points for the lieutenant rank, as well as in what order to apply them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Markas Carter
We have several builds in the members section if you join the fleet. Short of it though is it depends on what class you are and what ship type you are flying as much as anything. As far as race there is no 'must have' race as all the modifiers are slight. It is much more about ship build and skill build.
Ok, so i heard cruisers made the best tanks. With that in mind, how should i distribute my initial 33,000 skill points for the Lieutenant Rank? I mean per level so i can have a nice easy transition Tongue Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Markas carter
I would recomend using the skill planner on this site with the ship of choice to get some ideas. Get anything that boosts shields, general ship power, and defense in general.
Aye - if I was building a tank I'd want to take damage (either resist it, heal it or both!) and be able to attract attention.

I think that too many 'tanks' try to put too much dps in their build, which means that they don't tank as well as they could, so all other team mates can't do as much dps as they could.

One thing to watch out for, though, is levelling your char - it could take longer if you're unable to do much damage
Agreed, to be a true Tank you should be able to aggro the enemy and take a hit. So for the Lieutenant skills you would want to put 9 points into Starship Hull Repair and Starship Shield Emitters since both will provide boosts to abilities that repair hull.

You would also want Starship Threat Control at 9, but that is a Captain ability. My advice to you would be to read through the description of each skill and see which ones help with your shields and hull. Those are the ones you'll definitely want. Anything else is basically just a bonus.

Since you will be in a cruiser, you may also want something that boosts engines so you can move/turn just a bit faster.

I just want to add that while traits and race don't matter, I would suggest being an Engineer. They gain an ability called Miracle Worker which provides an instant heal to hull and shields. It won't fully restore them, but the heal is enough to keep you alive.

A crucial job of most Fed cruisers is also healing your teammates. Seriously. Just... do it. Being able to take a hit is pointless if everyone else is dead, and getting/maintaining aggro is crazy tough in a cruiser.

Unless you fly a dreadnought Big Grin

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