Heavy Escort Carrier advice
I'm just starting to get back into the game after being away for a while. I never really got deep into the mechanics, so while I understand some of the basics, I could definitely use some tweaks and pointers.

Right now I'm flying a Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier (T6). I have the full Heavy Escort Modifications set, and I really enjoy those point defense cannons and torpedoes, so I've stuck to those weapons elsewhere on the ship. On top of that, I've got -

- 3x Quantum Phase Applications
- 3x Quantum Phase Catalysts
- 3x Krenim Temporal Manipulation
- 3x Trilithium-Laced Weaponry
- 3x Chronometric Calculations (missing the launcher from the lockbox ship)

Plus a few random pieces like the Temporally Shielded Datacore and Trellium-D Plating to fill in the gaps. My tactical officers are focused on weapon enchancements - Intelligence is my primary, so I get a proc every time I activate one, plus I have the doodad that triggers Rapid Fire on my fighters - while the rest are focused mostly on maintaining my shield, including that little shield heal proc I get from certain deflector abilities.

I'm kinda digging the whole quantum/time theme-vibe-thing, and things seem to jive maybe 95% of the time? But I know there are some issues in there. I have phaser, polaron, and tetryon damage in the mix, so I'm not optimising my bonuses and things there (also, it looks like I'm throwing Skittles at people when I open fire), and I'm sure there are some stand-alone consoles that would help me out, and maybe some of those sets I can drop down to two pieces rather than three... but I don't really know the game well enough to figure out that on my own. I'm not even 100% sure what kind of build this is. I guess it's DPS, but I feel like a bit of a glass cannon if I'm not spending a lot of my bridge officer abilities on keeping my shields up.

Any pointers or tips? Even stuff as simple as "this is what you need to focus on for DPS" would be helpful!
Can you go to the Skill Planner tool and fill out your ship, bridge officers, traits, etc. there? This will help us understand what you have currently.


Sure thing!


I couldn't seem to see where I plug in my Captain specializations (Intelligence/Commando currently), and my shield array has both Cp/Rg and ResAll, but I was only able to select one.
If you're going for DPS all of your energy weapons should be the same energy type and most or all of your tac consoles should be fleet consoles from the Spire that boost that type. You can still get decent DPS mixing and matching but you'll never hit your max potential. If you want to keep the Krenim Temporal Manipulation set and use all the same type there are a couple sets that have Tetryon turrets and cannons once you reach t6 in their reps. The Counter-Command Ordnance set has a turret, the Radiant Armaments set has Dual Heavy Cannons and then you can fill in the rest of your weapons with fleet weapons.
Tier 6? I'd better get cracking on that rep then!

I hadn't noticed the 3pc barrage ability from the Counter-Command set. That'll jive nicely with the close range AOE stuff I get from the Point Defense stuff as well. Thanks for the pointers!

I've been swapping out and improving gear the last few weeks. I decided to stick with phaser damage because of the Point Defense System in the Heavy Escort set, so I've switched out things and added consoles and what-not to go along with that. I'm really enjoying all the AOE gizmos I have, so I've grabbed a few traits and am working on pilot specialization to help out with that.

I'm a bit stuck on what to replace my Prefire Chamber with, though. Swapping it for a Phaser console is just a straight boost, so that will definitely feel like an improvement in the short term. Alternatively, I could switch it out for a Photon console, and maybe drop the Quantum Phase weapons in favour of Terran Task Force. I'd see a drop in my energy weapon damage, but a bump in my kinetic, which might be a net gain? I would lose my Quantum Stabilizing Beam, which is really handy, but the Terran 3pc adds even more torpedo damage to the mix. That might turn me into a half-assed torp boat though, and I'd rather whole-ass one of those at a later date.

Things as they are seem to work 90% of the time, but every now and again I seem to suddenly turn into damp cardboard and get shredded. Sometimes my shields barely flicker, and other times it seems to take little more than a sneeze to obliterate them completely. Dranuur Gauntlet has kicked my ass both times (Borg first, and I think Vaduwaar?) the random queue dropped me in there, and I've had some trouble going back to replay Na'kuhl missions. Looking at my stats, my Radiation Resist is a fair bit lower than everything else (24%, everything else is 40+), so maybe that's something to do with it?

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