[SPOILERS] Discovery Season 2 Episode 13: Such Sweet Sorrow
So many things to say about this episode.  Let's jump into it.
  • Right off the bat, gotta say out of this world (time?) acting from SMG.  I can feel Burnham's every emotion from the other side of the screen.
  • Kudos also has to go to the composers for this episode, amazing music
  • Enterprise bridge design not bad, very faithful while still in the discovery aesthetic.  much better than the JJPrise bridge
  • Section 31 has ships other than the escorts.  I am now taking bets as to when these will arrive as a pack on the C-Store or in a lockbox
  • Georgiou "I'm a terran by the way"-priceless
  • Kinda ruins the feeling of suspense by letting spock go along with disco.  Unless they're looking to rewrite about 25% of all canon
  • More Jett reno is always a good thing.  I need her as a series regular.
  • I'm surprised and very pleased that Stamets and Culber's relationship has actually broken apart.  (In a "I'm glad that they aren't just returning to status quo" type of way)
  • Time between "Discovery will follow on autopilot" and "We're all staying with you" could not be more than 5 minutes.
  • RE: Pike leaving the bridge for the last time.  THAT is how you say goodbye to a character.
  • Next episode looks to be a bigger battle than S1E2.  Can't wait!
  • Stamets- "I still dislike you" BEAUTIFUL
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Yeah, Spock remaining aboard clearly shows there's another twist coming. But its interesting how it's starting to close up to cannon... Although I'm still confused over the status of the Spore drive... Is it a no-no or go-go, lets she what this weeks magical plot ball says! *Shakes* Try again later? Aw man...

(04-12-2019, 01:31 AM)coolkirk1701 Wrote: [*]Georgiou "I'm a terran by the way"-priceless

I liked the way he winked back at her, like he knew she hadn't been acting like her knew her, and perhaps figured it out by himself?

(Was it earlier in an episode where someone (Pike?) asked what the Mirror Universe was just before the door closed so his question was not answered?)

Accolade complete: The Unstoppable Captain
I didn't see that wink the first time around, I only noticed it when the podcast I listen to for discovery called attention to it.
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