Members Database is faulty
Okay, so either the fleet rosters haven't been updated for two weeks (most unlikely) or there is something wrong with the Database.

The Database shows that I have 4 characters in STOA. That is not correct. Even before I joined with my Infinity toon, my Militia toon was gone for like a week already as I deleted him about two weeks ago. Then one week ago, P'Triq and my Temporal Recruit were pulled out of the Legion and Academy. That leaves AStVerbOffz@Parakema in STOA Infinity as my sole character within the fleet. So obviously, something is not right there. And yes, I have cleared my browser cache and deleted cookies etc before writing this report.

Also awarding dates seem to be overwritten among reception of a higher award of the same category. To be precise, the awarding dates for my Expedition Ribbons 1st and 2nd degree have been overwritten with the awarding date of my Expedition Ribbon 3rd degree. Could be intentionally, although I do not see the reason for that.

Last but not least, I noticed some Display cases having nothing but the Certificates and the Legacy Medallion. This made me curious and I found out, that there are cases without any pre-revamp records whatsoever. Makes you wonder, where the Legacy Medallion comes from then.

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