[SPOILERS] Discovery Season 2 Episode 12: Through the Valley of Shadows
  • Burnham just LEAVES THE TRANSMISSION RUNNING while she answers the door, with no idea who's on the other side.
  • JETT IS BACK!!!!!!!
  • Stamets is taking a huge left turn into season 1 grumpiness
  • Gant shows once again that Star Trek never introduces a new character when an old one can be reused.
  • At least they're following through with the reason Pike was in the chair.  
  • Nice chair redesign.  Creepy face melting.
  • Jett reno is the best character in disco.  You cannot change my mind.
  • Ok so maybe the gant point isn't valid.  But i'm keeping it in here.
  • Burnham went to the prometheus school of running away from things
  • Look ahead shows xehia.  Wasn't that the person from the Runaway short trek?
  • Next episode looks like setup to a final episode mega-battle.  IM SO EXCITED
[Image: 9jilqcf.gif]
*sigh* Looks like they really are trying to create a Borg origin story....


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