Reminder about Cruiser Only STF event tomorrow
I do believe I fly a cruiser technically Big Grin

Though not sure If I will make it. Depends on if my megamek league opponent can play our match tomorrow at that time or not.
Feanor will certainly try and make it. Look for me around 7pm EST
Would love to make it, but work awaits me.
No can do for tomorrow, but hopefully the event will garner success and you'll run another one sometime!
Im pretty drunk, ill probably make it
Very nice Screenshots. It sure was a fun challenge and it had the intended effect. I really had to rethink my actions and it throw me off my routine. Smile

As mentioned before, I have scheduled another "Cruiser only STF" event for Saturday. Check you calenders. Smile
Good deal on the Sat. re-run of the event! Hopefully I won't sleep through that one too lol. The pics look great, but there was just one thing missing....Yash and his Fleet Excelsior!!
I wont be there on saturday, but this is something maybe in the future id like to put my regent through!
I have a feeling, that this is going to be a repeatable event. Smile
I should be able to make the event this saturday.

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