[SPOILERS] Discovery Season 2 Episode 10: The Red Angel
Not a bad episode overall.
  • Like that they used Cornwall as a therapist and not just an admiral.
  • Tilly has seriously taken a confidence nosedive recently.
  • It seems like they're trying to paint Section 31 as good people under the influence of a bad machine and I don't like it.  But then again, it's so much easier to hate your enemies, isn't it?
  • RIP leland, right in the eyes
  • *Mama Burnham appears* Sigmund Freud: *heavy breathing*
  • EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE CREW is like "yeah we just destroyed control, no big deal".  
  • Props to pike for actually being sane about this one.
[Image: 9jilqcf.gif]
It bugged me throughout that the believed it was a future Burnham, then kept her in the loop for all the plans... Surely if you're trying to catch a future version of yourself, you can't be privy to the plan!


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