Star Trek Timelines - Enterprise-E now in game
Greetings all,

  In this past weekend's "Fixed Variables" event, they 'finally' released the Enterprise-E in the Star Trek Timelines mobile game.  It's a ship I certainly have been waiting for, and every-time they came out with new Discovery content, I kept hoping they would get back to releasing this ship with a Next Gen event. [There are 54 ships in game so far, and I have managed to get 44 of them....]
(I certainly had to grind this weekend's event harder than normal to get it, but was able to add the Enterprise-E to my ship collection without spending any Dilithium, and it looks great!  ; )



  I think it's still a fun game after 3 years, and the Thursday - Monday weekend events every week keep the story moving, and keep things fresh (especially with new month long 'mega events' 3-4 times per year.)

For those who haven't played, the game has missions and episodes with interesting stories while you are collecting and leveling up different crew and ships.
"Set after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager's series finale, Star Trek Timelines begins as the player captains their first starship command to investigate an unknown temporal anomaly. Upon arriving at the anomaly, the player meets Q, who immediately explains that a full-on temporal crisis has begun throwing people, places, and objects from other timelines (including the Mirror Universe) into this one."
Collecting crew is a fun part of the game, and you can now freeze crew in the 'Cryostasis vault' that have been leveled to max, so that they don't count against your max crew limit (which was certainly annoying), and you can unfreeze them if you find you want them active for certain missions.
Ship battles look very pretty, though your ship is running 'on rails';  your job in space battles is selecting good crew for your ship's command slots, and timing the use of their abilities to the best effect against your PvE or PvP opponents.
The game has many other activities that have been added since launch, like the Cadet Challenges, where you have to use more common crew, running faction missions for loot and faction credit, and PVP areas like The Arena for ship combat and The Gauntlet for crew combat.

In Timelines we have a small level 23 fleet that NinjaBrick created back in the day called the STO Academy, and we have unlocked most items, at least at level 1, so that all members get boosts to all their characters.


You can play on IOS and Android devices, (as well as on PC with Facebook) in the same universe, which is convenient, as sometimes I play on my iPad, and sometimes I want to play on my Android phone....

It's no Star Trek Online, but you can't play STO on your phone. ; )

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Cool, i used to play the game on my phone. i will re install it and join the fleet. hope to see you there Smile
Sounds great. We'll see you in there-

Just in time to celebrate William Shatner's Birthday:


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