[SPOILERS] Discovery Season 2 Episode 9: Project Daedalus
  • They are definitely pulling control straight out of the novels and into canon and I LOVE IT
  • Ariams death actually made me cry.  First time i've cried of sadness in a trek episode like ever. or maybe since Saru did his almost-death thing
  • I should have seen the control impersonation coming, shame on me for missing it.
  • I hope to God Nahn's not flatlining, she's a neat character.
  • Finally got confirmed that she's a Barzan, for sure
  • Next episode looks cool, wonder what this project Daedalus is
  • So it wasn't explicitly stated, was ariam the one who tampered with the spore drive and did the other thing?
  • Definitely could tell it was a Frakes episode
  • For some reason it didn't give me any commercials and I LOVE IT
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