Klingon Glory Week: "Brushfire" episode replay
Warriors of STOA! The Klingon Glory Week is upon us! It is time to take your KDF toon (or an Ally of the KDF) and bring glory to you and your house.

Join me at the Legion's Starbase on March 23rd at 2100 hours UTC. Click here to find out your time or check the events calendar.

We will toast at the Blood wine pool, before replaying the episode "Brushfire". To freshen your memory:

Chancellor J'mpok Wrote:Imperial Intelligence has learned that Martok... is alive. I thought him dead by my hand, and yet he lives. WejpuH!

Martok is being held in a Son'a facility in the Briar Patch. Officially, it's a research facility built to study metaphasic radiation. In reality, it's a high-security prison used to hold political prisoners.

General Rodek is leading a covert rescue operation in the Briar Patch. Meet with him there and liberate Martok. Even an enemy should have the chance to live - or die - with honor.

We must liberate Martok and earn honor and glory in the process. Let this be a fight worthy of song.


P.S.: This is your chance to work on the Expedition Ribbons. Wink
vaj 'oH chotu'
Bit late in the eve for me but I will try and make it - should be fun Smile

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