My Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit Build
Hi, i made some adjustment on my old build after upgrading my defiant to T5-U. i will appreciate for some advise on how to improve it better. Thanks
Hi There,
I just got done building a similar boat myself.  I do have some advice:
  • Take another look at your Space Traits, i see you have Beam Training active, but youre running DHCs, so should probably switch that out to Cannon Training. You also dont list any Space Reputation Traits, is that because they aren't unlocked yet?
  • Consider Changing out your Transphasic Torp for the Quantum Phase Torp and one of your Fleet DHCs for the Quantum Phase DHCs; those along with your QPC console will get you the 3/3 which will increase the effectiveness of the new Torp and Cannons, gives you a little more shield healing, increases accuracy, and gives you access to the Quantum Destabilizing Beam ability which is going to help your power levels, hurt your target's power levels, and does phaser damage.
  • Two other sets you should look into which are free to get and are great for phaser boats are the Bajor Defense set, and the Trilithium-Laced Weaponry.  the 2 set bonus for Trilithium Set increases your Firing Cycle Haste for Energy weapons, which is great.  The 2 set bonus for the Bajor Set gives you a direct boost to Phaser Damage. i went 2/3 for both sets on my build, Bajor - Shield/Impulse Engine and Trilithium - Turret/Console.
  • If you have the rep to get it, there is a console/turret combo out of the Counter-Command Ordnance set that will give you another boost to Phaser Damage, Turret can be purchased at tier 4, console at tier 1. 
  • Again, with rep, ANOTHER 2 set bonus worth going for is the Gamma faction Task Force Ordinances 2 piece bonus; again, for the straight bonus to phaser damage.  Turret at Tier 6 and Console at Tier 2.  Console gives a Phaser energy weapon bonus itself.  
  • Lastly, the tier 6 Terran Task Force DHCs Provides a radiation dot and increases damage the more hurt your target is, so thats another thing to go after.    
Its worth noting im still working towards those last two bullet points on my own build.  All in all, id say that you want to start bringing your weapon/damage types closer together.  It doesnt have to be Phaser, thats just the one i know best.  Look for Item sets that directly help the weapons you want to run, and start seeing how you can fit those sets together.  

My phaser boat currently runs:
2/4 Bajor Defense Set
3/3 Stealth Fighter Set
3/3 Quantum Phase Catalysts Set
2/3 Trilithium-Laced Weaponry
2/4 Counter Command Ordnance

and im still working towards the Gamma 2/3 set. 

Heres a link to my build if it helps at all for planning:
One thing I noticed is the mixed energy types you have. I would try to get more phaser turrets to fill the aft and drop the Ion stream projector for another experimental weapon if possible. It actually robs power from your other energy based weapons and causes you to do less damage. If you have nothing to replace it with you're better leaving that spot empty.
thank you for the advise, will work on them asap

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