Vo'quv Polaron Drain Carrier
Just started playing STO again after a long time away and I'm working on a new build with some of the sets that have been added since I left. I haven't figured out the full build yet but I wanted to see if I'm on the right track with everything that's changed since I stopped playing. I know cannons are far from ideal on a carrier build but because of the limitations on omnis they are the only way to make the sets I want to use work together. So far I'm looking at using the full Morphogenic Armaments set from the mission Home for the omni\turret, polaron and drain boosts from the console and set bonuses, the 3 piece Chronometric Calculations set from the mission Time and Tide for the turret, polaron and torpedo boosts from the console and set bonuses, the 2 piece Lukari Restoration Initiative Armaments set for the polaron and turn rate boost from the console and set bonus and the full Lukari Restoration Initiative Starship Technologies set for it's defensive and drain boosts. I also considered the Gamma Team Synergies set for it's much bigger drain boost and higher max warp speed but I'm not sure I want to give up the defensive boosts from the Lukari set.

Updated the build with skills, most of my traits, doffs and my ground build. Trying to wait till I get one of my reps to level 6 to do it but I really need to respec, tac ultimate does not work with this build.

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