Am i on the right track?
Here's what my ship looks like right now.

I'm working on the 3 pc competitive set from rep, and the terran disruptor cannons.
I have 3 pc nausicaan set, 2 pc counter command set.
I'm working on the doff missions for SRO, and so far i have earned 2 tactical ones.
I'm doing my rep everyday, i'm at mostly 4 almost everywhere.
I would get rid of the Nausicaan beam rear, or move it fore if you really want to keep it. It doesn't do you any favors rear. Another turret would do much better there and would synergize with cannon skills and traits. Otherwise based on your plan you laid out, things are going well. Convert your other two tactical consoles to Vulnerability Locators when you can. I would also maybe swap out BOFF abilities a bit and on your Tactical Commander seat, run Tac Team 1, APB1, CSV2, and CSV3. The benefits you get from higher ranks of CSV are quite good and APB is generally better to run than APO.

Thanks for the reply.
Quote:I would get rid of the Nausicaan beam rear, or move it fore if you really want to keep it
Some in guild chat told me to get it for now for the 3 pc disruptor % bonus. I put it rear cause i think it penalize me less to remove a turret than a cannon for a cannon boost. Still trying to figure out if the torpedo is in general better than a 4th cannon, but it has all those disruptor bonuses added to it. I actually like that ship but really hate that it does not have a 5th forward weapon but have, which is poor in my perception, an experimental slot.

Quote:Convert your other two tactical consoles to Vulnerability Locators when you can
I'm gonna get another one soon. The last one, i keep for now for my 2pc undine set bonus with my turret, which i read online was decent.

Quote:APB is generally better to run than APO.
Really? Must be my understanding of the mechanics calculation then, visually for me, it seemed the bonuses from APO looked stronger than APB, but i'll revert back to 2x APB, i'll trust y'all on this since you're all more experienced than me.

Also, i crafted myself and invested at higher price in 2 high MK cannons to help me survive until the next upgrade weekend i've been hearing about cause i was tired of not really killing things. It helped decently enough to help me wait.  I'm now trying to get a somewhat attainable and decent setup before that event, and i saved enough omegas to help me get better, and with the phoenix event, i kinda blew my small savings in Dil into buying a couple of the  10x box packages to get upgrades, so i should have a pretty good boost then.
The Nausicaan damage boost is certainly good to have but you're losing out on an entire weapon slot since you are cannon-focused because that beam is rarely going to be firing on a target if you are flying well to keep your main cannons on target. So, you're gaining a damage boost but losing a weapon slot. 

As far as APB vs APO, APB debuffs enemy damage resistance which is much stronger in the grand scheme of things than boosting your own damage. Players have a ton of ways to boost damage and most of them stack in a multiplicative fashion so you can easily saturate those multipliers to a point that it is not really effective. Removing enemy resistances does not work in the same way.


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