Starbase Fleet Defense
I'm not sure. It does get a decent amount of use but it isn't crowded like the STO forums. Maybe that's a good thing lol.

Sorry I am just used to my MWO corps forums after the last several months. Its just an extremely active site I guess. I think it has almost 100k posts overall on it so maybe its just an aberration of activity. :lol:
To be honest I dn't think it's an overly big problem. If people choose not to use it that is their prerogative. It isn't as if it isn't spoken about regularly, and the forums are always pointed out in the Fleet Message, which pops up every time you log in and momentarily depending on gameplay.

If you don't notice it, when then I guess ignorance is bliss lol
I don't know about other people but my time online Monday through Friday is pretty broken up. As a result, I spend almost all of that time doing things in the game. I try to check the fleet forums daily, but I seldom have time to reply to posts until the week end or, like today, during the Thursday maintenance session.

Also, I got kind of bummed out on forums when I tried using the regular STO forums. I was almost never able to find actual answers to any questions/problems I had because there were so many forums and so many pages of messages in each one that I never could find what I was looking for. I also noticed that many (sometimes it seemed like most) of the messages were nothing more than complaints about the game from people who had never played it and who only wanted their fifteen seconds of fame by getting their uninformed opinion on the Internet. I suspect that some of our fleet members are afraid that the fleet forums are like that, so they don't bother to check them out.
Let's be reminded also this is a Fleet Event topic board and not a "forum troubleshooter"

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