Starbase Fleet Defense
So for those of you who have not yet done the Starbase Fleet Defense event basically it boils down to the fact that our starbase has come under attack and we must defend it.

This is a 20 man event with 4 groups of 5. The event breaks down into 4 waves.

Wave 1: Escort four separate groups of freighters to their jump points and then defend them until they jump out. This wave is fairly simple. Each group starts spawned above a set of freighters and from this each group gains its designation of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, or Delta.

Wave 2: Everyone scurries back to the starbase to defend it. Royal rumble. Again fairly easy.

Wave 3: The outlying structures are attacked. This should be fairly simple but so far in the pugs I have done it with we always lose at least one structure. The problem here is the groups need to go back to their original designations and have one team defend each point. If this is done this wave should be pretty simple also.

Wave 4: 4 siege dreadnoughts warp in along with their support fleet. I think the best way to handle this one would be to have each team single out one siege dreadnought and focus it until it was dead. Maybe have 1-2 out of the 5 team members work on keeping the other ships off those attacking the SD. I have ran the event 3 times and have yet to complete this phase with any health remaining on the starbase. I think this is because most of the time people ignore the SD and attack the rest of the ships willy nilly. With coordination this wave is very doable though would be difficult.

Overall the event is a blast and I think it would be sweet to do this as a fleet and actually defend our own starbase.
Isn't our fleet several hundred strong? It shouldn't be that difficult to get 20 people together I would think.
In theory, you are correct. However, I remember our Halloween Party, when we wanted to do a Fleet Defense before it. It took us 45 minutes to assemble 20 people.

Maybe for the next time, we should pick a Day and time when plenty of people are online. Also if we give it a little lead time and promote it accordingly, we can maximize participation.
Whereas there may be several hundred people in the fleet that doesn't mean to say that several hundred people are going to consistently be online.
I'm sure you know yourself, it just doesn't work that way.
Of course just seems odd that a planned event would have trouble getting 20 people out of that many. Ill have to put up an event for next weekend maybe for this and see what kind of turn out i can get.
A major problem with getting people together is that our fleet members come from at least eight to ten different time zones. I tend to be online early in the morning and late at night, on and off in between. At night I'm frequently the only fleet member on line, or at best, one of two or three. It's not so bad for the main fleet, where most of our members are, but the time differences and people's work/school schedules make it hard to get a large number of people together at one time.

Also, many of our fleet members are casual players, who may only be online once or twice a week. or less. They don't always get the word about events until it's too late to join in.

I think a Saturday event will be more likely to draw a crowd than one during the work week. Most people's schedules tend to be much more flexible on the week end.
I totally agree with you on that. The multitude of time zones is the main challenge and events as such definitely need to take place on a weekend day, preferably a Saturday.

Maybe we should issue a Fleet Mail, reminding our Members, how that can get easy notice of events inside and outside of the game. That should help too.
The forums are pretty inactive compared to the size of the fleet. Not sure if its lack of knowledge of the forums or just lack of use by most members.
From my experience, it's lack of use
Hmm wonder what we could do to stimulate activity.

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