[SPOILERS] Discovery Season 2 Episode 6: The Sound of Thunder
  • for the love of all that is good and holy WOULD YOU KEEP THE CAMERA STILL FOR FIVE SECONDS
  • big case of small-world syndrome (oh wow, this signal we're chasing just HAPPENED to show up over the homeworld of one of our officers, who just so happens to be the only one of his species in starfleet, who just so happened to be recruited by Captain Georgiou, etc)
  • Curious where they're going with Culber.
  • Looks like we're FINALLY getting to see spock next week, though the rest of the episode looks like a big bottle like this week.
  • Like that we get more than a few words out of ariam
  • Tilly- "By we i mean just ariam" PRICELESS
  • Siranna goes from "Oh wow my brother is back, thank the balance" to "YOU DIDN'T COME BACK FOR *ME*?" and from "I did all this to find you" to "I have a higher calling to my people" both in about 1 minute flat
  • not seeing anything that disproves the "Red Angel is an Iconian" theory, but i hope it isn't T'ket
  • Starfleet is going to have SERIOUS words with the Disco crew about this
  • Not sure I like Tyler's bronze uniform/black badge combo
  • I would have loved to see discovery just open up with torpedos, but the red angel made that unnecessary
overall, Ok episode.  3/5
[Image: 9jilqcf.gif]
I am still very excited about the possibility that the red angel is an iconian. The highly advanced technology is certainly in support of this theory....but the latest view we received via Saru does look decidedly more "human in a suit" than iconian. This could just be a throw off tactic though.
While I am also excited about Saru's "evolution", I also find his change in character a little disturbing. Perhaps his race can be more than just violent predators, but perhaps there really IS an inherent psychological and behavioral impact of this transformation.


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