Exploring together.
I don't know about you all, but I like to play PvE with friends even if I don't actually need the help. Especially in a game like this, where so much content is more fun as part of a fleet.
That being said, if anyone sees me online, and would like some company (or needs help) running the story, doing patrols, doing a TFO, or just plain exploring to see what might be out there on any particular day, please feel free to invite me and I will be more than happy to tag along. I like the story, I love to play, roleplay included as long as its fun.

I may well take you up on this! I'm always happy to help as well, I can help with each and any faction!

Late to the thread but I like this.  I barely touch the TFO and this is a good way to start.  I played through the Cardassian story arc a few days ago and died over 5 times on a couple of space missions.

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