Starship Elite STF Builds & Pics (Season 7)
Wait they changed my borg/maco? Son of a b...... Is there a link to what changed somewhere that you have Chris? Edit: Disregard I see they split it into two different sets now.

Also is the Peregine still a charge item? In your pic there it looks like its not a consumable since there is no number listed.
Ok here is my ship.

Note I am running full MACO set instead of the borg/maco mix at this time because of changes to how the borg sets work.

And here are my skills.

If you have questions about why i have something/some skill or what an item is just ask.
As a further note I am set up specifically right now for space STFs. However the only major change if I am facing a different enemy is to swap out my armors as I carry a pair of each kind.
Just a note everyone but feel free to post your ships here if you have questions, want them reviewed, our just want to show off some of the sweet tech you have.

Also if anyone sees anything on my ship you think should be changed please say so and say why you think it should be changed.
The Tachyokinetic Converter and the Zero-Point Energy Conduit are both pretty good on cruisers! (Good all round, really...)

You could ditch a RCS console and replace it with the Converter (it's 200 lobi) - it's really very good, especially since you're running Antiprotons (crits all round!)

hey guys, sorry i've not been on in ages. my PC fried months ago and for some reason i've only just re-installed 2 days ago even though its been working for sometime ><

the game has changed quite a bit since i was last on so i've got quite a bit of catching up to do.
first thing i did was rush a fleet ship

it was sort of thrown together with parts i already had. i was shooting for a sort of 'rofl their shields and then nuke them' approach.

would love some pointers Big Grin
- Will

EDIT: <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... Escort.jpg</a><!-- m -Arrow
this was my main ship months ago, it seemed like a beast then but suspect it needs changing now? (note: i've already been informed about the changes in the borg set (old screenshot))

EDIT2: yes something feels off in my escort ;p i used to be able to survive focus from a tactical cube for a little while, but in the STF i just played i could not stand up to a single borg Negh'var D:
You include two torpedo skills but only have a torpedo on the rear? Planning on spending a lot of time not facing your opponents, eh? Why not include torpedoes on the front and use torpedo doffs? Two copies of high yield and two rapid fire transphasics/normal quantums would be.. uncomfortable. And damaging!

I think I would probably take two copies of EptS in your eng slots, and make your lieutenant staion polarise hull1 + sci team 2. I think that makes your healing a little more well rounded, does that make sense?

If you're going for shield stripping, you might want to consider the Omega Force 2-part bonus of the Tetryon Glider. Along with tetryon weapons it works pretty well, especially if you have good flow capacitors. I would probably ditch Charged Particle Burst and swap in a Tractor Beam along with a tractor beam duty officer to drain their shields even more!

thanks for the reply. The idea was (with the single torp) was that i would quickly disable shields with the increased dps of the 3 dual banks, spin around with my quick turn rate and then escape the blast range as a i nuke them. high yield would be for big targets and spread for a bunch of smaller ones. But yes, sadly what seems to happen is by the time i have turned around so has the target so i end up hitting their shields anyhow.

i shall look into those items now Smile sadly i'm at 0rep as i've just returned to the game so if i don't have them in my bank it will be sometime before i can make the change.
Here's my contribution:

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This is unrelated and for TacPaddy Wink :

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ChaucerIngram1 Wrote:This is unrelated and for TacPaddy Wink :
Aargh!!! (Can't decide whether to die due to a Heart attack or of Jealousy). Smile

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