Starship Elite STF Builds & Pics (Season 7)
Oh, we're talking at cross purposes here. There are two Omega sets, and Chaucer is quite right. Cutting Beam/assimilated module/torpedo are all from the set, whereas I assumed he was referencing the Omega Force set, which is deflector/engines/shield

Getting the cutting beam and the assimilated module are really good to shoot for early, for sure.

(06-04-2013, 03:48 PM)VFaulk Wrote: *Shudders at the amount of grinding to be done...*

So for now Im thinking the 3 piece Omega, MACO shield and 2 piece borg deflector and impulse..

This could take a while... Smile

Getting the good stuff is a massive grind festival, but worth it for sure. Wink
in 17 days of farming elite you can have : Borg set, Omega weapon set. That is if you sleep at night. That's what I did. And I'm T4 omega, not even T2 Romulan.

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