Starship Elite STF Builds & Pics (Season 7)
8-) Don't be jealous TP, this was an expensive and often frustrating project. I've water-cooled for 12-years now, and every new, more complex build gets increasingly difficult to plan for.
ChaucerIngram1 Wrote:This is unrelated and for TacPaddy Wink :

HOLY CRAP BRO!!!! You could power Somalia with that rig, god knows they need it. Smile

Back on point...

What are the consoles on your Kumari Escort??? Did you purchase the whole Kumari pack, or just the Escort.
Hijaak Wrote:
ChaucerIngram1 Wrote:This is unrelated and for TacPaddy Wink :

HOLY CRAP BRO!!!! You could power Somalia with that rig, god knows they need it. Smile

Back on point...

What are the consoles on your Kumari Escort??? Did you purchase the whole Kumari pack, or just the Escort.

Smile Not to mention handle computer services for the entire country.

Wing Cannon Platorm: They detach and fire at the same time the wing cannons do, but at reduced power.

Tachyon Induction Relay: Fires tachyon burst that damages the targets, augmented by your flow cap skill. It also makes the targets shields 25% weaker for 15 seconds. (buffed since release)

Phaser Dispersal Array: Fires an AoE burst that does about 13k damage in a 2km range. (also buffed since release.

Set bonuses: Synchronized Targeting, adds 10% to weapons accuracy. Wing Cannon Synergy, when you activate things like CRF, CSV or the console abilities, the WCP's fire the same way, or in the case of console powers, the same type of attack. For instance if you pop a tachyon burst the WCP's fire it too, though not quite as powerful as the wing cannons on your ship.
I have a quick question regarding weapon layout if you fine folks wouldn't mind helping out Smile

this is my build at present, the burst damage is glorious but i think alot of potential damage is going to waste.
(rear torp is placeholder for cutting beam)

Rapid fire 1 seems to be such a waste in a ship with 5 fore weapons, i think i need rapid fire 3 or i should be flying something else . but this means i'll need to move attack pattern omega to a lt.cmd. slot (needed for tractor beam) and inturn this means i need to throw away either HY3 or BO3.

so i was thinking the following, remove the torpedo all together and get another DHC (so all weapons benefit from tac console) and use my wing cannon overload as a sort of HYtorp if i need some extra punch. from there i can respec and use the torp skills for some much needed defence.

does this make sense or is it a stupid idea?

EDIT: just been reading about the abilities on the wiki, had no idea how bad high yield 3 actually is. will defiantly be removing that but the question of weather or not i keep a torp on my ship remains.
Here is my suggestion. Unless the andorian can target systems like a sci ship, which i dont think it can, get rid of the beams and drop BO3. Replace with DHC and not only get RF3 but keep RF1 as you can toggle them back and forth to be nearly continuously rapid firing. I assume that the weird weapon I dont recognize in slot 4 fore is the wing cannons?

Also drop the rear Torp and replace with another turret or if you have the Omega rank a borg cutting beam. Rear turrets in an escort are a Bad idea IMO.
thanks for the reply Smile

yes the other weapon is the Wing cannon. It has slightly higher DPS than my DHC's with the 3x damage modifier and is effected by abilities such as rapid fire. i agree with the RF3 and keeping RF1 and have made those changs, also agree with the aft loadout (btw i did state the rear torp was just a placeholder)
it also does not come with the ability to target subsystems (i'm a tactical captain (I maybe should have said so, sorry)).

only thing i have a question about is removing the beam banks, as a well timed BO3 will hit 40-80,000 damage, is the overall higher dps from another cannon worth the loss of the ability to instantly destroy most ships the moment hull is exposed? (thinking from a pvp perspective, which i plan to try out soon)

thanks again.
If you are planning on doing a lot of pvp its probably worthwile to keep the Beams for the massive burst and drop the torpedo instead as most players will target any High Yield Torps if they can.
many thanks Smile <3

i've never really played any PvP before so i don't know what i should be doing, but i'm trying (probably in vain) to not be a burden to my teams while i get used to it so i appreciate your advice.

two turrets or 1 + cutting beam?
Cutting beam IMO
So, to steer this ship back on topic, here's what I'm currently playing around with.

It's a giant fist with engines, basically. 3xPurple Technician Duty officers gives me absurd uptime on my skills, seeing as I bind Aux-to-Batt to my 'kill them' keybinds along with the other standard buffs - EptS, Rapid Fire, High Yield, you get the picture. Energy weapons are disruptors, torpedo is Omega, using Honour Guard stuff along with a cutting beam rear, DHCs up front because man mode.

Fly up to someone. Tractor them. Tear them in half like you're an angry terrier attacking a lettuce. Move on to the next victim. Cloak if you want. Or not. It's a tough ship with the right gear, and you do a lot of damage too, thanks to high uptime, nice maneuverability, and constantly full power levels.

It's not a big ship, and it's certainly not clever, and I could certainly do something more clever. Energy drain maybe. Or plasma? Those things are expensive though. This is cheap. Very, very, very cheap. Getting the Purple Technicians is the most effort, and it's actually easy enough - B'tran Cluster doff rewards.


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