What should i prioritize to improve
About me:
-Returning player here.  I played a few months back in 2014, and having quit the last mmorpg i was playing a year ago, i started looking for another one.  STO seemed to have changed some, and (especially) with the addition of a free T5 ship, i felt i could progress more than when i left.

What i did in the 2 weeks since i came back:
-Got to 65
-I read lots of articles / watched lots of youtube videos about boosting dps, builds and things to improve, but its a lot all at once when you reach max level for the 1st time in a new game.  
-I used what few Ec i had to buy Mk12 in almost all my slots for my ship.
-I used my dil stash to get the zen to buy a ship upgrade to get my ship to T5U
-Im trying to finish all the episodes to get gear upgrades, dil and EC, and to see the stories.
-I started doing some dailies for marks and got some reps going and get me some bonuses to slot, as well as some starbase1 STO (as some of you suggested)
-I started doing the doff mission to try to proc me purple SRO to eventually improve my Boffs, which all come from episodes. (thinking to start a couple Rom alts for that specific purpose to have better odds of having a full roster quicker)
-I farmed omegas upgrade things to use to craft epic gear when an event comes. (Id say around 30-ish)
-Started focusing only KDF admiralty for the 10/10 Dil bonus.

What i need from you:
-Now that i can complete most missions dying only a few times, as opposed to all the time, i need a path as to what activities to prioritize to get the most bang for the buck to improve my character.
-Since i didn't find any easy to use database on items, i dont have lists on all the sets and the bonus they give,  so id like to know, as a TACTICAL, ROMULAN, DHC using character, what it is i should try to get, and where from. I know i cant get cannon cd reducing skills boffs and things like that, as they are way out of my budget for now, but im sure there are things to make me at least better overall. I know i wont be min-maxed out, nor have top notch everything, nor having being much better gear and dps quickly, but i want to progress and get better.

My budget:
-For now, until i get a better feel for the game, no real $$, so the ship i have is the ship ill use for a good while. (which i dont dislike)
-As far as EC, i have around 6ish millions, and its getting a bit higher everyday, with tour daily and selling contraband.
-Prolly have around 50k refined Dil

Heres the link to my character, made as best as i could last evening as a 1st time user of the builder.

Thanks all
I have a good thread here with all the weapon energy damage types along with free gear you can get and which episodes it is in. Once you decide what kind of damage you want to do, you'll know which missions to run (and run and run if necessary) for set items. 
General tips: getting your eventual weapons you decide on to MkXV and making sure you have a set of solid tactical consoles that boost them (either the Fleet Spire or Fleet Colony if you can get an invite to a T5 colony holding) will go the furthest towards boosting your damage, regardless of career. In terms of damage types, phaser/disruptor will probably give you the most bang for the buck and have the most options and best set weapons.

The 10/10 admiralty can be done on all characters. Also look at the universal endeavors and the personal endeavors. It's a good way to boost spec points, money and dil. I will look at the build more when not mobile.

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