A tale of two skills
SO I have possibly simple and possibly complex question to ask about two skills that seem like they would have excellent synergy, but before I invest in trying to get ahold of them, I'd like to know if they actually work together the way they look like they would in the description.
If you look at these two ships mastery Starship Traits, you will see that one increases the cost of energy weapons by 50%, and the other reduces the cost by 50%.
One increases firing cycle by 20%, and the other increases accuracy by 50, and critical hit chance by 10%. 
So if both of these abilities were active at the same time, would the weapon power costs cancel each other out? As in, weapon power cost does not change, but you still get the other bonuses?
Or, as I am afraid to find out, would the weapon power cost buff or debuff come from whichever skill was most recently activated, rather than both work simultaneously?

If it matters in the advice you have for me, my current power level setup is as follows:
Weapons: 125
Shields: 80
Engines: 64
Auxiliary: 50
I use both Emergeny Weapon Cycle and Weapons Emitter Overdrive. I could be wrong here, but I did not really observe the significant Weapon Cost increase of WEO happening, when EWC is active at the same time. So, it does seem that they cancel each other out in terms of Energy Weapon Costs.
I also have both traits, and EWC does work to mitigate (somewhat) the weapon power increase from WEO, as does the Tricks of the Trade starship trait and the cruiser commands for weapon power cost decrease and consoles like Bounty Hunter's Friend. You can also stack all of those effects at once, although the easiest to maintain uptime on are the EWC boost and cruiser commands. Tricks of the Trade is tied to firing off A2SIF on cooldown and doesn't provide as much benefit for the amount of work you have to do for it when you include the fact that it costs a precious starship trait slot, although it does give you damage mitigation and a heal as well. I really like Bounty Hunter's Friend as a console but I don't think it's necessarily "meta" as far as that goes.

I've done some testing on this and  here's what I found, using some DHCs so my base drain is 12 power per weapon. With both EWC and WEO equipped, when I activate Emergency Power to Weapons my base drain becomes 8 per weapon. When I then activate CRF3 which procs WEO, my base drain increases to 10.3 per weapon. Thus, because Cryptic Math™, these skills don't exactly cancel out drain, but you still end up ahead so there's no detriment to using both. 

If you want to get even crazier and add in Tricks of the Trade, your drain drops to 7.1 with both A2SIF and EPTW active, or 8.8 when you activate CRF and proc WEO. Again, no detriment here. 

Base: 12
EPTW proccing EWC: 8
EWC+WEO: 10.3

Adding Bounty Hunter's Friend changes power drain as follows:
Base: 10.9
EPTW proccing EWC: 7.5
EWC+WEO: 9.5

One more thing, adding in a warp core that gives -10% weapon power cost changes drain as follows:
Base: 10
EPTW proccing EWC: 7.1
EWC+WEO: 8.8

I appreciate you checking this out! That's very good to know. I will most likely end up using both of those traits then eventually. Once I have the funds. lol.


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